Wednesday, April 2, 2008


South Surrey Citizens Against Airplane Noise
SCAANS is a coalition of local residents who have joined together to restore the peace and quiet in our community.
We encourage you to join our growing list of members. We send out periodic updates, provide information of interest, and track complaints. All members are encouraged to send in their suggestions.
NavCanada has said that the only monitoring they will do as to the impact of these flight paths will be by the NUMBER OF COMPLAINTS they receive.
We urge you to send a complaint in EACH time you are bothered by plane noise. Let them know you are NOT HAPPY with these flight paths and the noise impact they are having. We need to speak up now or be faced with another NOISY SUMMER.
You can add your name by e-mailing or calling:
Colleen @ 604-538-1091 or Janet @ 535-9900
You can address your complaints to:
NavCanada 1-800-876-4693
YVR 604-207-7097
MP Russ Hiebert 604-542-9495
Mayor Dianne Watts 604-591-4126
Minister of Transport 1-613-991-0700
Please cc to help us keep a record of the # of complaints being sent in.