Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pro Forma Letter to NavCan

Hello SCAANS member,

In our discussions with the City we have asked how SCAANS members can support the City's efforts...

One strategy is to contact NavCanada at the highest level and encourage them to seriously consider the recommendations as a step towards resolving this issue.

In this case, we feel that writing a letter (as opposed to an e-mail) directly to John Crichton (President and CEO), Nicholas Geer (Chairman of the Board), and the Board members of NavCanada will have the most impact.

Attached is a suggested letter you can print off and MAIL.... or of course write your own. Please remember to date and include your address and postal code....that is how the impacted areas are tracked. By sending us an email to let us know you have sent in a letter, we can also track the numbers. Both Word and RTF formats have been provided.

Please mail your letter to:

Mr. John Crichton
77 Metcalfe Street
Ottawa, ON
K1P 5L6

We will tally the number of letters sent in and pass that on to both Mayor Watts and Russ Hiebert. You may also want to copy (or email) your letter to them. Their mailing information is:

Mayor Dianne Watts
14245 - 56th Avenue
Surrey, BC
V3X 3A2

Russ Hiebert
#106A- 2429 152nd St.
Surrey, BC
V4P 1N4
Colleen Kusack SCAANS

The letter follows:

Mr. John Crichton , President and CEO NavCanada,
Mr. Nicholas Geer, Chairman of the Board,
NavCanada Board of Directors
77 Metcalfe St.
Ottawa, ON
K1P 5L6

Dear Mr. Crichton, Mr. Geer, and Board Members,

I am writing you as a resident of South Surrey, British Columbia. I live on what is known as the Semiahmoo Peninsula, covering the area west of Highway 99 and south of the Nicomekl River down to the American border, and some 30 km south-east of YVR.

The new air routes implemented by your organisation on 10 May 2007 have greatly impacted our previously quiet community. These new routes result in aircraft flying over our densely populated residential area, creating continuing noise problems for me and my family. Many people are reporting sleep disturbances, anxiety, inability to concentrate on their work, and general loss of enjoyment of their homes and neighbourhoods. Residents are now moving, or considering doing so, after having located their families in this area because of its previous quiet. Some even moved here from Richmond to escape the aircraft noise associated with YVR.

The City of Surrey has forwarded you a series of recommendations which I hope you will view as a "win-win" opportunity for Nav Canada and our community. I urge you to direct your staff to work in good faith with the City of Surrey to implement these recommendations and provide some relief to our once peaceful community.

I thank you in advance for your help in this serious matter.


cc Russ Hiebert, MP - South Surrey,White Rock,Cloverdale
Mayor Dianne Watts, City of Surrey